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real time location services

We are able to place tags on people and/or equipment and use our unique technology to analyze where they go and when

customizable investigation

With the Scout technology, Avondale can help you investigate your business as a whole or can help you specialize and optimize one sector of your process

Process Analysis

With this technology, we can analyze how work is done in your business (i.e. where employees go, where products move, how long tasks take to complete etc.)

versatile technology

Avondale provides, installs, and operates the equipment used to gather data

Avondale and Matterport

The first step in our utilization of Matterport is to document your business. Within this program, we can create a full replica of your business, thus noting your set up, equipment, supplies, products, and day to day operations before attempting changes. Avondale is able to test changes to your process without disrupting day to day operations. With the real data taken from your business, we are able to analyze your process in a simulation. We can dissect your process by employee type, by zone, or by the order in which it occurs. After this analysis and identifying sources of inefficiency, we can suggest changes, which can be tested in Matterport.

This technology can also be utilized when considering a new product. How will adding a product or service change your operation and efficiency? Will it require new procedures or does it already fit into your process. Avondale is ready to help you answer these questions and work out the kinks before implementing the changes.

FREQUENTly ASked Questions

How can Scout help my business in particular?

Scout operates by analyzing the movements of employees and assets in your business. Avondale analyzes this data and helps pin point how processes can be made more efficient. We can help your business increase output, profits, and safety as well as decrease build up, risk, and wasted space. Each project is different, but we look forward to learning how Avondale can help you.

How much does this technology cost?

Each of our projects are estimated individually based on scope, target results, amount of equipment needed, and duration of analysis. We would love to learn more about your project and give you a more specific answer.

Does the project end at installation or will Avondale help me analyze the results?

We will do you one better. After a thorough discussion of your business and what you hope to get out of this project, Avondale will install the technology, and assist you in analyzing the resulting data. Here we will identify inefficiencies in your process and help you find a solution to these problems. See our page on Simulation Modeling to see how else we can help you tackle these inefficiencies.

I worry this technology will seem like an invasion of my employees privacy.

This technology is no different than the surveillance cameras already placed in your business. Rather than combing through hours and hours of footage at a multitude of angles to examine the daily activities of your business, Scout allows us to turn each person, product, or piece of equipment into a data point. Avondale can then analyze each data point simultaneously, or in different segments of your business. 

What kind of businesses can SCOUT be used to analyze?

The Scout technology can be applied in a variety of businesses including restaurants, retail stores, and warehouses. Sometimes something as simple as moving the fryers 6 feet to the left or moving storage shelves to the opposite wall can make a huge difference in company efficiency. Scout compiles data to identify where there is build up and where there is un-utilized space. 

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