simulation modeling and matterport

create a digital model

The first step in the process is to create a digital model of your business. This helps us fully understand the data collected and see how your employees and/or equipment operate

full or zone analysis

From here we are able to watch your business operate as a whole, or isolate zones or sections of your process to properly identify inefficiencies

input your data

We will load the data taken from your SCOUT research into the model and can watch day to day activities in real time or sped up

simulate changes before implementation

In the digital model, we are able to simulate changes to your process to see how they would affect your operation

By utilizing SCOUT, simulation modeling, and MATTERPORT, Avondale is able to test changes to your process without disrupting day to day operations. With the real data taken from your business, we are able to analyze your process in a simulation. We can dissect your process by employee type, by zone, or by the order in which it occurs. After this analysis and identifying sources of inefficiency, we can suggest changes, which can be tested in MATTERPORT. 

This technology can also be utilized when considering a new product. How will adding a product or service change your operation and efficiency? Will it require new procedures or does it already fit into your process. Avondale is ready to help you answer these questions and workout the kinks before implementing the changes.